JJ hunting, ultimate dove hunting adventure in Argentina.

Argentina dove hunting is an unforgettable experience...

JJ Hunting, your best choice for a high quality Argentina dove hunting trip of a lifetime!

. 20,000 acres of privately owned land with hundreds of shooting spots strategically located and managed to offer you the best dove shooting hunt and permanent dove concentration all year round.

. High volume non-stop shooting, over 1,500 rounds daily guaranteed.

. All kinds of shooting opportunities, for the most advanced or the most novice hunters, that can be experienced only in Cordoba, Argentina.

. World-class shooting pigeon and ducks over decoys.

. Short rides from the airport to the lodge and from the lodge to the shooting fields.

. Beautiful and comfortable lodge conveniently located close to the dove shooting fields and largest roosts. Eleven double suites with private bathroom, heating and air-conditioning, open bar, wine cellar swimming pool, internet and wi-fi service.

. Gourmet and typical cuisine for you to enjoy our proudest Argentinean world-famous beef along with a fine selection of Argentinean wines.

. Bilingual staff, professional and certified hunting guides who work hard at helping in every need, in a friendly and familiar environment.

. Outdoor barbecue lunch, videos and photos of your Argentina dove hunting trip, 1,000 dove club, helpful birdboys, transfers in 4x4 brand new trucks and vans, reliable and daily cleaned shotguns, open bar and permanent assistance at all times.

. Easy arrival, travel bookings and most convenient rates and routes on your flight tickets.

. Best hard to beat shooting quality and service in a familiar environment combine with reasonable rates and customized packages to welcome first-time or in many cases returning happy customers from all over the world. 

. Over 15 years’ experience of a top-notch dove shooting operation run by its owner Jose Luis Grasso who following with his family hunting tradition makes JJ Caceria your excellent choice of a Argentina dove hunting trip, an experience you and your hunting fellows, friends and family will never forget!

Argentinadove.com is JJ Hunting, a company run by its owners Jose Luis and Monica Grasso. We all know the time we spend and the cost involved in organizing a dove hunting trip. That is why Jose Luis & Monica, and their staff, will give you the kindness, service and safety that you deserve.

Arroyito, about one hour away from Cordoba City, in the east of the province of Cordoba, Argentina, is world-wide known for its huge population of doves and other wingshooting species. That is why thousands of American and European hunters choose to visit us annually looking for the challenge of more than 1,500 daily shots.

JJ offers over 20,000 acres of private land only 20 minutes away from the lodge. Within our land we have a roost where 20,000,000 doves fly all day long, in a constant pattern all year long, back and forth from the largest roosts, giving our guests the incomparable vision of millions of doves flying over their heads, coming from all directions any time of the year you decide to come.

Argentina Dove Hunting Season

Dove hunting season in Argentina is open all year long, with no bag limits or seasonal restrictions of any sort due to the massive dove volume we’ve got in Cordoba. Our eared doves have five hatches a year, laying two eggs each time, so this accounts for a huge number of doves that seems to be increasing year after year. Depending on the time of the year, we change dove shooting plans and spots and everything is carefully managed according to hunters’ preferences and requests. From September to March doves fly closer to the roost so you can see a better concentration, and from April to August we shoot doves in the morning in the corn, sorghum or millet crops and close to the roost and water ponds or canals in the afternoon. January to March is our sunflower season in beautiful sunflower fields at full blossom.

Lodging facilities:

Guests from all over the world enjoy very much our beautiful hunting lodge La Camila, named after Jose Luis and Monica’s youngest daughter Camila who following her dad in all her hunting adventures, inherited the same passion for hunting and the outdoors her father instilled in her. La Camila dove hunting lodge was built especially for hunters offering 11 comfortable double bedrooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, heating, a refreshing dive in the swimming pool, satellite TV, internet and wi-fi service, and guests can also enjoy the quiet fire that burns every evening in the dining room’s fireplace in winter.

If you are ready for the most awesome dove hunting experience of a lifetime, and wish to stay in one of the most stylish Argentine dove hunting lodges, tasting exquisite homemade typical cuisine, surrounded by the highest population of doves ever seen, do not leave this trip on your bucket list any longer and come to visit us!