When you decide on a dove hunting trip with JJ Hunting, we’ll book for you your international flights at the most convenient rate and routes. We just need to have your full name, approximate dates when you would like to fly, city of departure, and the rest… is on us!

You can arrive into Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina, coming from Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires, Lima (Peru) and Panama (Panama). The easiest and most direct way to fly from the US to Cordoba is coming from Santiago or Lima. But if you would like to do some sightseeing in Buenos Aires, spend a couple of nights there to visit the most European flavored capital in South America and enjoy a fantastic tango show, it would be a good idea to arrive into Buenos Aires, especially if you are coming from Europe, Canada, or the Middle East. There are about eight domestic one-hour flights a day from Buenos Aires to Cordoba. There are red-eye flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York and Miami to Santiago and the flight to Santiago is about one hour long. The second most common travel route is coming from Buenos Aires. There are non-stop flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and New York. If you come from Lima, Peru, the advantage is that you arrive into Cordoba at 7 a.m.  and you can take a rest before your hunt in the afternoon, but you can also have the option to have a free hunt in the morning.

We’ll be ready to pick you up at the airport and assist you upon arrival to Argentina. If you are bringing guns instead of renting ours, you only need to send us some information on the guns you are bringing, and we’ll send you a form for you to submit to the airport authorities.

Please, remember to have a valid passport and if you are coming from the United States, Canada or Australia, you also need to pay the Argentinean Government a reciprocity fee online before arrival.


We enjoy beautiful weather, lots of sunshine all year long, no natural disasters such as tornadoes or earthquakes, and an annual rainfall of about 30 inches average. In spring and summer, shooting time is extended because doves fly all day long till sunset at about 8:30 pm. The rest of the year, sunset is earlier at about 6:30 or 7 pm.

We are in the southern hemisphere, so our seasons are inversed as with the northern hemisphere, and our winter is usually very short and very mild. Temperatures are:

-December to February, it’s summer, with temperatures between 80 to 90 degrees and lows between 50 and 60 degrees.

-March to June is fall, the highest temperatures are between 60 and 70 degrees and the lowest between 40 to 50 degrees.

-July to September is winter with highs between 50 and 70 degrees and lows between 30 and 40 degrees.

-October to early December is spring with highs between 70 and 80 and lows between 50 and 60 degrees.


You should bring dark clothes, brown or dark green, a hat and shoes or boots that cover your ankles, a shell bag or shooting vest, shooting glasses, shooting gloves, ear protection, sunblock and insect repellent.